What a delight and amazement to live in a community full of such talent. Sierra Nevada College Choir’s recent Spring Concert was incredible. To have original work, Paradise Lost, by local master Donna Axton, and to have it done with such flair, panache and fun — she turned all of the singers into stars with costumes, humor and their naturally beautiful voices.

The same goes for Tahoe Safe Alliance’s production of the Vagina Monologues a few weeks ago. It may have been the depth of work that Director Dr. Darlene Pearson pulled from the actors, or the peer directing technique she employed, or the natural gifts of the actors themselves, but This work was exponentially better than any I’ve seen of that play, including Off Broadway in New York.

How is it that not only do we get to have not only the most gorgeous environment on Earth, but the most loving community bursting with extraordinary gifts?

Gwendalyn Gilliam

Incline Village