Yes, it’s true. The most magical place on Earth just got better. Now, whenever you come or go to Incline Village in the California direction, you get to do a whirly little Disney twirl, just to remind you you’re someplace special.

And with such a little bit of muss and fuss! How did NDOT build it so fast without making us wait half hours for months on end?

And having June Brown sculpt the new Tahoe animals statues for the cost of materials is, with all due respect, kind of like getting Michaelangelo to carve you a David for the price of the stone. I hope you all thank her whenever you see her for the rest of your natural life.

Mucho thanks to everyone who fought so long and hard to alter that life threatening hazard of an intersection. Also to the committee that determined the art work. Also to everyone I don’t have any idea took part. Your hard work is not lost on this one.

Can’t wait for the official installation/unveiling/christening!

Gwendalyn Gilliam

Incline Village