Infrared Sauna

Enjoy our private single or double Infrared Sauna at Aloha Spa Tahoe.

Cost is $15 for 30 min session
Call to book by appointment only

Purchase 5 and get one Free add on before or after massage or facial for only $7

The benefits of infrared therapy have been extensively researched for over 40 years. While the practice of sauna usage dates back before the 16th century, infrared saunas now provide the same health and beauty benefits, with a more comfortable and relaxing environment. From pain relief to beauty indulgences, feel the power of infrared sauna benefits.

  • Absorbed directly by the body in the form of heat
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Stimulates cell renewal process
  • Can be used at lower temperatures to achieve the same results
  • Form of exercise for people with physical constraints, age, etc.
  • Easier to breathe than in a steam or conventional sauna
  • Relieves tension, relaxes muscles
  • Burns Calories while you relax
  • Works your cardiovascular system
  • Hospitals have been using infrared heat for decades to keep newborns warm

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