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Tahoe Body Scrubs

Coconut Macadamia Sugar Scrub

45 Minutes $70

(Not recommended for nut allergies) Kukui Coconut is our signature exfoliating treatment. You will be swept away by our aromas of coconut and macadamia nut. Kukui will leave your body glowing with fresh scents of the islands.

Coconut Salt Glow

45 Minutes $70

Relax and release as you receive a full body exfoliation with our Makai salt glow. Sea salt and Kukui oil gently whisk away dead skin cells so you can receive a more even and deep conditioning moisturizing treatment. Customized for either an energizing or stress relieving service with heated lotions this treatment will leave you glowing. Not recommended for sensitive or sensitized skin.

Papaya Pineapple Grape Seed Scrub

45 Minutes $70

Be swept away in the fresh scents of the islands. Enjoy this invigorating and hydrating grape seed scrub and melt as warm Kukui Coconut cream is drizzled over your body and gently massaged in.

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