NVMT# 1318

Gwendalyn Gilliam was graduated from the University of Nebraska at Omaha, Magna Cum Laude, and named Outstanding Journalism Student of 1978 while working full time as a single parent.  Since 1986 when she was graduated from McKinnon Institute of Massage and Bodywork in Oakland, California, she has been in continuous private practice.  In 1987 she taught massage in Nicaragua, and from 1992-2004 operated her massage certification school, Wind Walk: The Institute of Natural Healing and Beauty, starting at her self built retreat in the sierra foothills and later in the Bay Area.  She has published three books, Understanding Abusive Families (coauthored with Dr. James Garbarino), 1980, Fatal Moments: The Tragedy of the Accidental Killer (with coauthor Dr. Barbara Chesser) 1991, and God, Sex, and Manifestation, 2010.