NVMT# 46111

My first education came from Mizu Shin Tao dojo

At Mizu Shin Tao, I took 300 hours of courses learning the Seifukujutsu system of massage therapy from Japan.  Then, in 2007 I went back to school and took a 500 hour program at Body Being Massage School.  In this program I learned a variety of modalities, including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Chinese Meridian Therapy, and Thai Yoga Massage.

I have also been practicing a Chinese healing art known as Emei Qi Gong.

Through the use of these energy healing practices, and massage techniques, I have come to understand that any discomfort in the body stems from blocks in our energy field.  In my massage I use various techniques to release these blocks and help the body find balance