Waxing is one of Aloha Skin Spa Tahoe’s most popular services.

We have well trained and experienced Aestheticians that use high quality wax. Aloha offers two types of wax Cerepil Hard wax, and a lavender infused cream wax, both are for sensitive skin.

Commonly asked questions:

Why should I wax?

Waxing reduces how often you need to trim, shave or tweez. It is ideal for people who have sensitivities to shaving or ingrown hairs. Over time the hair, and hair follicle weakens and the amount of hair that grows back is finer and much less.

Does hair length matter?

Yes. We advise that your hair is ¼ in-1/2 inch long prior to your appointment to get the best waxing results. Also make sure to exfoliate before your appointment and if your new to Brazilians or bikini wax’s taking an ant-inflammatory 30min to an hour before your appointment helps with discomfort and inflammation.

When should I book an appointment?

When your hair is 1/4-1/2 inch long. Waiting a few days to a week after your menstrual cycle so your skin is not as sensitive. Also 3-6 weeks after your last waxing service. Waxing consistently becomes less painful, hair becomes finer and grows back less.

What if i am using Rentin A or a prescription product?

Please let your therapist know if you are currently using any retinols, prescriptions, or exfoliating products.  This could cause your skin to rip or tear, and no one wants that.  Its depends on how recently or often you use these products.

If you have any further waxing questions please feel free to call 775-832-5551 to speak with a professional.

Underarm $15

Eyebrow shaping and arch (this is an art) $25

Lip Wax $15

Chin Wax $15

Jawline Wax $15

Cheek Wax $15

Sideburn Wax $12

Women’s Neck Wax $15

Face Wax $50

Bikini Wax starts at $30

Brazillian Wax $75 first visit – $65 monthly

½ Leg Wax $50

Full Leg Wax $75

½ Arm Wax $20

Full Arm Wax $30

Men’s Neck, Shoulder Wax $35

Men’s Back Wax $55

Men’s Chest Wax $55

Stomach Patch Wax $20

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